Choosing a SAD Light

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How to choose which light therapy product to buy

We have an extensive range of light therapy products including SAD Lamps and Dawn Simulators. We also have products available in every price range and only from the most reputable manufacturers.

All of the products we retail are of the highest quality, have been safety tested and have been tested by sufferers of SAD. We only sell products that we have tested ourselves and they only go on sale when we are satisfied that they are effective and suitable for our customers.

There are two distinct types of light therapy products - Dawn Simulators and SAD Lamps and we will try to explain how to choose the right product for you below.

How do I choose a SAD Light Box?

There are a wide range of SAD Lights on the market today and you must be careful to choosing the right product for you. Always ensure that the product is medically certified to treat SAD as there are some products on the market they are not certified. We guarantee that all SAD light boxes that are sold by are medically certified.

To be fully effective a light therapy device must emit a minimum of 2500 lux. This lux is shown in the product specification box for all of our products. All of our lights emit a minimum of 10000 lux which gives the user a full light therapy treatment in a shorter, more practical time.

Three important factors to you must consider:

Treatment time - will it be practical to have a longer time?
Budget - is it worth spending a little more for a quicker treatment?
Size of product - do you want a smaller more discrete product?

We think the most important thing is to be realistic about the amount of time you want to use the SAD light you purchase. You must be able to allocate a certain amount of time per day to use your SAD light preferably in the morning between half an hour and an hour after you wake. If you do not use your SAD light each day it is unlikely your treatment will be as effective, so it may be worth spending a little more to get a quicker treatment time if you have a busy life. However if you have more time on your hands there is no need to spend more as the slower treatments are just as effective.

On thing to note is that smaller products can be just as effective. New LED technology has allowed very effective SAD lights to be scaled down and the smaller units can now be just as much lux as the largest devices.

You can use our simple how to choose tool here

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How to choose a Dawn Simulator?

A Dawn Simulator does not treat Seasonal Affective Disorder but it does help with one of the most troublesome symptoms of SAD - difficulty waking in the morning. By simulating the gentle increase in light as the sun rises they provide a very pleasant method of waking in the morning, as opposed to the sudden alarm of a clock or mobile phone, or the blast of sound from a radio alarm. Many people cannot believe the difference they can make. and if you find it much more difficult to wake in winter than the summer months a Dawn Simulator could be suitable for you.

If you want to alleviate all the symptoms of SAD then we recommend a medically proven SAD Lamp. Customer with severe symptoms and a larger budget available often chose a dawn simulator for waking, along with a SAD light.

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