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Eco Products

The 'Eco Product' labelling system leads the way in reducing environmental impact in not just the medical treatment market, but also the entire consumer electronics sector.

All products that feature the ‘Eco Product’ logo and leaf motif offer outstanding credentials in the area of electricity consumption and reduced carbon footprint.

Each Eco Product offers outstanding electrical efficiency when compared with other products of a similar type. Eco Products also weigh considerably less than similar products resulting in lower transport weight per product. This results in lower carbon emissions resulting from carriage between manufacturer and retailer, and delivery to the end user.

Basic Eco Product Criteria:

- superior energy efficiency
- low product weight
- minimal packaging
- low packaged weight
- low space consumption (small package)


SAD Solutions BLUElight

POWER SOURCE = Mains or Battery

WEIGHT = 287g (10oz)


POWER USAGE = 10 watt rated (up to 20 times less than some conventional light boxes)

DAILY COST (based on recommended 20 minute session) = 0.03p or 1 pence per 33 days.*

link to SAD Solutions BLUElight


This is a great idea as people’s obsession with new gadgets is often at the expense of the environment. I’ve been wanting one of these SAD devices for a while, but I’m always careful as to what new electronics I buy as it’s never clear how efficient they are and what impact they might have. A pat on the back to – David, Notts.

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