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If you feel that you may suffer from the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) whether constant tired and sleeplessness, loss of appetite and energy or know someone who thinks they may be affected by it, our knowledgable team here at have developed a self-assessment seasonal affective disorder test that will help to give you an indication of how likely you are to be suffering from the SAD condition. Our SAD assessment is a short questionnaire that should only take a few short minutes to complete and includes questions on a scale rating of 1-5 for you to choose from, after which we will email you straight away with the results. If you find that it is likely you may suffer from SAD then you should contact your GP or Medical Adviser so that they can confirm or deny a diagnosis and suggest the best course of treatment for you personally.

The clever boffins at have created an assessment to help you decide whether you may be suffering from SAD. It'll take a few short minutes to complete, asks you only to complete some answers on a scale of 1-5 and we email you straight away with the results.

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Note: Only Medical Practitioners can provide a medical diagnosis and explicitly does not provide medical diagnoses. recommend that you consult your local GP or medical professional if you are are unsure about your symptoms or treatment. The Self Assessment score provided here is based on the information you have provided and has not been reviewed by a qualified medical practitioner. accept no liability or responsibility for the information provided or results detailed. This score cannot be used as a diagnosis or proof of S.A.D.; consult you local GP for an approved diagnosis.