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ProLite Daylight Full Spectrum Bulb

30 Watt Bayonet Cap White Item code: 68815

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Supplied by the SAD experts at the Litepod Company, our ProLite Daylight Full Spectrum bulbs are a great way to improve the light quality in any room. They are energy efficient bulbs and the light output in the 11 watt model is equivalent to the old 60 watt bulbs, ranging up to the 30 watt bulb which is equivalent to a 100 watt bulb. These daylight light bulbs are a great enhancement to any home, and are often chosen by design studios, office environments and photographers. They emit a range of light very similar to sunlight to give a bright, natural feel to any room. They are often said to help relieve eye strain and tiredness that can be caused by poor artificial lighting and cheap ineffective energy efficient bulbs. The ProLite Daylight Full Spectrum bulbs are available in a range of powers and in both edison screw (ES) and bayonet cap (BC) fittings. Please note - Although these bulbs improve the light in a room they are not an alternative to a SAD Light Box as they are not powerful enough to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Manufacturers Description

Manufacturers Description

Product ratings

1 July 2019

Good bright light making it much easier to see the detailed work I do.

26 June 2019

My 30W daylight bulb is excellent I suffer with s.a.d through winter and the daylight bulb helps me immensely and I use it through summer months also especially on rainy dull days as it lifts my spirits and gives a positive sunshine feeling or mood. Thanks for this wonderful product.

20 January 2019

Very bright compared to the energy saving bulbs

17 January 2019

We were initially impressed with the bulb but after about 15 minutes the room started to smell strongly of burning plastic and the bulb was boiling hot. I tried again with the same result. Disappointing and maybe dangerous.

21 December 2018

This is the first bulb that I have bought. Makes such a difference in my dressing room.

3 December 2018

NOT HAPPY The screw bulb lasted 3 weeks and today the bayonet bulb has gone - less than six weeks use :-( I certainly would not buy again apart from the fact that we all found the light very sickly. So one star revue

26 October 2018

The blue-light SAD lightbox is small and portable and is great for my workdesk (I don't have much room) but annoyingly the battery only works for a short while and then I have to recharge it. As the lead is at the top of the plug and my socket is too close to the desktop, I cannot use it whilst plugged in. It is too soon to tell if this is working for me as it has been very sunny until today, but I am hoping the shorter time will be enough and the blue light will help my S.A. D. My SAD lightbulbs look brighter and a whiter/slightly blue light rather than the yellow tone of my usual light bulbs. I am hoping these will really help ( the room seems much brighter which is cheering) but I am a bit worried about using this in my lounge late at night in case the blue/ white light keeps me awake all night!

12 September 2018

Nice bright light

13 July 2018

Love these bulbs ! Can actually just look in my wardrobe mirror and apply eye makeup, instead of using my hand held magnifying mirror....very short sighted. Takes away eye strain and really brightens my mood ! Will recommend to my neighbours who complain about our flats being dark. Highly recommend.

19 April 2018

Excellent bulbs - thanks

30 January 2018

I struggled looking for bulbs like this everywhere I went, as all I could find in high street shops was the "warm light" type of bulbs. This product was exactly as described, very well made and definitely makes a huge difference during the winter months when I leave for work when it's dark and return in the dark. I would highly recommend that anyone that suffers with SAD or similar symptoms, purchases these bulbs for a nice bright, natural feeling light.

15 December 2017

Very fast delivery. I am very please with this bulb, it gives a very white light which is great in my dark sitting room. I can now see that all my other bulbs are giving off a dirty yellow light, so I will be changing them all to daylight bulbs soon.

1 December 2017

Very good service

29 November 2017

This is a lovely bright light and a real aid to a dull room. Highly recommend it. Only thing is it is massive - and shows above the lampshade. Not sure why they can't be made a more standard size? I bought 4 but am only able to put the one in my study as others in living room will show about all the lamps :-(

29 November 2017

Lovely bright light worth every penny.

4 November 2017

Easy to use for putting on makeup really great. Not for bed time reading thou as it keeps me awake.

30 October 2017

Bought these to help with my mood and depression not sure if I'm using them properly but really bright and so far happy with them. Could you tell me if they should be on all the time thanks

31 August 2017

Gives a lovely daylight feel but it is a long bulb so had to buy new shade so the bulb wasn't exposed.

5 August 2017

Definitely the best on the market! I tried bulbs from other companies before and they would keep turning off before dying completely after only having them for 3 days. Would definitely recommend.

3 July 2017

Great bulb, used to simulate daylight for a family member confined to bed.