Dawn Simulators & Bodyclocks is the UK's premier retailer of dawn simulators and sunriser clocks. We stock a wide range of of the best dawn simulators and bodyclocks including the Lumie Bodyclock Range and the Phillips Wake Up Light range. Wake up feeling fresh and ready for action even early on dark winter mornings! A dawn/dusk simulator is a breakthrough for people who must wake before sunrise or just find it difficult waking in the morning. They all come with a number of features and all use a simulated sunrise to help you wake more gently. Some of the dawn simulators work with your existing bedside lamp and others have an integral lamp. You can use your Dawn Simulator as SAD Alarm Clock - Just set the time for your dawn simulator to begin, and your room will gradually fill with a warm sunny glow, replicating the pattern of natural dawn so precisely that your eyes will perceive and react to it as if the sun had come up. You'll wake gently, naturally, with your eyes adapted to room light, feeling ready for action on even the darkest of winter mornings. At the end of the day, the dusk simulation feature on some models gradually lowers the light level until the room is dark. All of our dawn/dusk simulators can be programmed to automatically begin their dawn sequences at a specified time.