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Full Spectrum Bulbs sell a range of Full Spectrum Bulbs and strip lighting that while not powerful enough to treat SAD, they do provide very pleasant, crisp, true lighting that can help you get through the darker months and they are ideal for poorly lit rooms and offices.

Design studios and many artists use Full Spectrum Bulbs and strip lighting to show the true colours of their subjects and their work. The Full Spectrum of colour emitted form the bulbs fills a room with light and there is a truly noticeable difference between these bulbs and standard lighting.

For the above reasons many people now use full spectrum lighting in their homes and offices to provide a better quality of light. Many people including shift workers and those who spend a lot of time in poorly lit rooms benefit from Full Spectrum bulbs.

Although expensive in relative terms, all of the bulbs are long lasting and you will benefit you for years to come.

Unfortunately our Full Spectrum Bulbs are either no longer available, or not yet in stock. Please come back later or return to your last page